Wednesday, February 22, 2012

7 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Better Health!

7 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Better Health
By: Chelsea Smith/Psychiatry Student

As this blog has discussed before, motivation and determination are key to getting into shape.  Whether looking to eat better, exercise more, or other health goals, motivation can be difficult.  To help you get more determined, we have gathered just seven ways to motivate yourself to better health!

1. Vanity – It may be a sin, but it can also be a huge motivator.  If you don't like the way your body looks, try picturing yourself with a slimmer waistline or some muscle tone.  Best of all, with a regular workout routine, the results can even be better than what you visualized.

2. Money – Think workout sessions with a trainer are too expensive?  They are cheaper than heart disease, medications, or even a trip to the doctor. People who exercise regularly can have a better heart rate, lower weight, more energy, and even a boosted immune system. 

3. Better clothes – If your waistline is taking a move for the worse, a new wardrobe might be in order.  It only takes a few pounds of weight gain, depending on how tall you are, to outgrow your favorite pair of jeans. Getting a slim down can help you keep the clothes you want and away from the sweatpants when not sweating.

4. You'll live longer – We've all been told that people who exercise live longer, but where is the proof?  A simple search of Google can give you loads of studies, but we found <a href=”" >this one/a> from Harvard University to be of particular interest.  It showed how you can literally walk away from Father Time with some exercise.

5. No negatives – Did you know that most people who plan to exercise and eat right often have hiccups along the way?  They will skip a trip to the gym or break down and get some fast food.  This is normal.  The important part is to not let it get you down or think that you have failed and shouldn't try anymore.

6. Pattern recognition – Because human beings are creatures of habit, finding motivation to do anything out of our comfort zone from working out to learning a new language can present a unique challenge.  There was even a study reported on by <a href=”" >Science Daily</a> that proves it.  By recognizing that we are not merely getting pumped into doing the healthy thing, but breaking a pattern of not doing the unhealthy thing, can we truly get motivated.

7. Your family – Don't think you're worth taking care of?  Chances are there are many people who feel otherwise.  Your parents, siblings, friends, and most of all, kids, want to see you healthy and would probably wish for that above all else.  So keep your loved ones in mind and all the good times you have ahead as true motivation.

Chelsea Smith is a psychiatry student who writes for <a href=”" >How to Become a Psychiatrist</a> which helps others on the path to becoming a mental health professional.

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