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As a mother of two, I can understand wanting to lose extra inches.  I began competing in fitness competitions 15 months after the birth of my first daughter.  As a former track athlete, I know the importance of setting a goal.  After the delivery, I set a goal to compete in professional fitness and bodybuilding shows.  Something I had wanted to do since high school.

I entered and paid for the show 40lbs over-weight.  By doing this, I was forcing myself to work hard through every workout because I would have to get on stage in front of hundreds of people and cameras, in a bikini.  The show came and I was ready.  The 40lbs pounds was gone and I had reached my goal of competing as a fitness model.  The pictures below show me at 9 months pregnant , a few months later and at my very first show.  I placed 49th out of over 200 beautiful women.

9 months pregnant

                                   3 months after delivery
                                            My First Show - Bikini Round
                                 My First Show - Evening Wear
                    My First Show - Evening Wear - Back Posedown
                                             My First Show - Evening Wear

After competing for 3 years straight (2005-2008) I decided to use my knowledge from the stage and my experiences to help others. I decided to become a personal trainer.  I found out what I had to do, then completed my certification.  I worked for a gym as a personal trainer for a year and a half.  I decided it was time to go on my own.  Shortly after planning the start of my new studio,  I found out that I was pregnant again. 
                                   5 months
                                               7 months
                                         8 months

Now, I have two beautiful daughters.

I am ready to help people again.  TEAM SUCCESS Personal Training studio opens February 2011.

1 week after delivery
                                    2 weeks after delivery

What are you waiting for?  Let me help you CHANGE YOUR LIFE TODAY!!
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