Monday, January 31, 2011


"Marilyn St. Hill has changed my life for the better. After going through
some really hard times in my life and losing control of my weight and
my self confidence, I began training with Marilyn . Marilyn encouraged me to get up everyday and push forward with my life. She put a smile on my face when I thought I would never smile again. Her spirits are always high and she knows just how to motivate you, even when it seems impossible. Thanks to Marilyn I have my life and my confidence back. Without Marilyn I dont know where I would be today. If you're thinking about training, it would be a mistake to go anywhere else."

-Kylee Rogers

In life, things don't always go as planned.  "There's never a testimony without a test".  No matter how tough the situation, you must find strength and carry on.  My client Kylee knows about having strength.  After going through "...hard times...", Kylee did carry on.  She felt a little defeated, but Kylee decided to take her life back!  Kylee joined TEAM SUCCESS!  Here are some before pics of Kylee:

Kylee began training with TEAM SUCCESS and was instantly determined and dedicated to reaching her goal.  Her goal?  To get back in shape.  With most, when you're younger you don't have to exercise as much to stay fit.  As we age, our metabolism slows and diet and exercise are key to maintaining lean muscle and elasticity.  Here are some pics of Kylee half-way through her training:

Kylee was now at the point where she was excited to workout.  She increased the amount of days she did cardio and strength-trained from three to five, and she increased the length of her cardio sessions too!  By the end of Kylee's training, her goal was achieved!  Kylee had her body and her self-esteem back.  Kylee was so confident,  she modelled in a body-paint fashion show with me.:)

Joining TEAM SUCCESS will change your life.  What are you waiting for?  Contact Marilyn NOW! OR 289 921 0303


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