Tuesday, January 11, 2011


"As a former client of Marilyn's I can tell you she is money well spent. This girl is always in a good mood (rolling my eyes) even if you aren't. You can't help but love her outgoing personality, her infectious laugh and crazy permanent smile. Don't let any of that sweetness fool you...she's a killer in the field....just when you've finished whining that you've had enough...she'll give you one of her big ass smiles and wait ... just like your mother used to ... until you've done as your told.
I had never worked out (not really) in a gym before. She took me from feeling quite awkward and uncomfortable hiding in the women's only section to a confident woman working out in the coed area.
Thank you for all you did for me Marilyn....you will always be my STAR."

❤ formerly size 16 and now a size 6 (sometimes 4)


Personal trainers are there to help people do what they know they should do, to teach them what they don't already know and to make sure they are safe while doing it.

Along with a healthy diet, EXERCISE AND SPECIFICALLY STRENGTH TRAINING are imperative to success when trying to achieve a toned, sculpted physique.

My former client Sara is no different than most women.  After two beautiful children, Sara just wanted her body back.  She had gained more weight than she had wanted to, and was trying to get back to where she knew she should be.

Here is Sara before she joined TEAM SUCCESS:

One thing I realized quickly about Sara is that she is a hard-working, disciplined woman who was serious about achieving results.  After beginning the program she was already seeing results.

After sticking to her diet (she was excellent with sticking to her diet) and continued sessions with me.  Sara was a brand new woman.  The woman she knew she was and could be again!

After training with TEAM SUCCESS you will learn the necessary tools to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  Check out Sara now!

 Way to go SARA!!:))


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